Attractions in Porto

Many attractions & Must See in Porto

Porto has many attraction. Below you can see some of them.

River Duoro & the Ribeira

Running straight through Porto, the River Duoro is one of the city’s main features and a Porto attraction unto itself. Throughout history, the river has played a huge role in the development of Porto, especially as a seaport, as its name would suggest. There are two ways to enjoy the river: via sightseeing tour or walking tour of the Ribeira alongside the river in Porto’s old town, or on a river cruise that takes you upstream to inland Portugal where you can enjoy amazing scenery and wine country. Cruises range from a few hours to several days.

São Francisco Church

Situated in the center of Porto’s old town, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the São Francisco Church is one of the city’s most prominent examples of Gothic architecture. The cathedral was built by Franciscan monks and completed in 1425, and contains a surprisingly lavish Baroque interior decorated primarily in gold. The crypt is one of the most popular attractions of the church. Tickets cost €3. Public transport: Bus #1.

Port Sampling

There’s no better place to sample the rich dessert wine, port, than in its namesake and the place it was invented: Porto. The typical way to sample port is to visit one of the many port wine cellars scattered around the city. Solar Vinho do Porto (Quinta da Macieirinha, Rua de Entre Quintas; +351 226 094 749) is one such cellar, with a huge selection of port wines that are typically served with a small portion of jamón and patrons can enjoy lovely views of the Duoro River from their terrace.

Fundação de Serralves

The Serralves Foundation is an art and architecture organization that operates Portugal’s first and largest Museum of Contemporary Art on the site of a historic estate. The grounds of this popular Porto attraction also encompass a uniquely designed park and a 1930’s villa designed in the Art Deco style. The museum offers a range of permanent and travelling modern art exhibitions, and the unique architectural elements of the estate should not be missed. Adult tickets are €5 for the museum and grounds. Public transport: metro to Casa de Música station and change to Bus No. 201 or 203.

Casa de Música

This uniquely shaped concert hall has become an icon in Porto for its strange design. The Casa de Música, or House of Music, is home to several of Porto’s orchestras and chamber music ensembles and hosts regular performances of the same. Whether or not you choose to take in a performance here, visitors are welcome to take in the unusual shape and look of the building, and guided tours are given in both Portuguese and English. There is also a gift shop and several restaurants in case you would like to take in a meal here. Tours cost €3 per person. Public transport: metro or bus to Casa de Música station.