Beaches Porto


Find the best beaches in Porto

As a coastal city, there are plenty of Porto beaches to keep any sea-loving visitor happy. Unlike the beaches further south in the Mediterranean, though, Porto’s beaches tend to be less swimming friendly and more rocky and scenic. However, there are one or two decent resort towns just a short drive from Porto city center where you can get a healthy dose of Atlantic sun and sand.

Espinho Beach

Perhaps the most popular of Porto’s beaches, Espinho Beach is a resort about 20 km south of the city center. Because of its popularity and proximity to Porto, Espinho Beach has suffered from overcrowding and some pollution, but it is still an incredibly popular beach, with plenty of high-rise resorts overlooking the sand and water. This is also a popular surfing beach.

Viana do Castelo

This resort town lies north of Porto and is a lovely, scenic area popular for both its quiet strips of sand and gentle atmosphere. The main beach here is Praia do Cabedelo, which is located along a half-moon bay perfect for swimming.

Vila Nova de Gaia

With the largest number of Blue Flag beaches in the region, this surburb of Porto is a great place for those visiting the city to enjoy the seaside. Here, 17 beaches stretch along the seaside north of Porto, offering plenty of sand and sun to all. Vila Nova de Gaia is also famous for its port wine caves, where the wine is stored and aged, offering visitors a change to see the fermentation process.

Miramar Beach

Located just a few km south of Porto city center, this quaint seaside town is a haven for beachgoers and tourists, who come to enjoy the plentiful sand along the uncrowded expanse of Praia de Miramar, as well as the Senhora Pedra, a 17th century church that overlooks the Atlantic from a rocky bluff.