Porto shopping

Find the good places to shop in Porto

Porto has a number of markets and shopping streets that make for great places to buy souvenirs, locally made products or simply take a stroll around under the warm Portuguese sun. Porto’s shopping options are not unlike those of Spain, with bright lively markets and bustling streets filled with vendors and stores selling all kinds of unique goods.

Of course, the main item that most tourists want to take home from a Porto shopping trip is a bottle or two of local port wine. There are plenty of places to pick these up, but you will probably want to do a little wine tasting first, to see which varietals and bottles you prefer. The best part of Porto for wine tasting and shopping is Gaia, which is the more modern district of the city just south of the Duoro River, across from the old town area. In Gaia, you will find a number of wine cellars, stores and bars with a lot of options that will help you get a feel for port wine.

If you are just looking for a few trinkets or souvenirs, or simply a day of browsing, make for one or all of Porto’s interesting shopping streets. Rua de Santa Catarina is probably Porto’s busiest shopping street, and here you will discover a mix of traditional and souvenir shops that offer handmade jewelry, bags and hats, as well as more modern stores selling clothing, shoes and other daily goods. If you would like to taste test some locally produced artisanal foods, head to the Mercado do Bolhão, a busy 2-story farmer’s market housed in a beautiful open-air art deco building, where you can watch locals go about their everyday shopping routine, or partake in the action at one of the stalls where loud vendors hawk their goods.